The Timothy Agnew Clinic

Guess what? The health care system does not have time to educate you about your pain and dysfunction. If it did, there would not be an epidemic of continued pain after surgeries and cyclic chronic dysfunctions. At Timothy Agnew Therapy, we educate each patient from the moment they step in our door. Because healing begins with understanding.


Why us?Sideview

  • One-to-One Treatments- patients never see an “assistant.”
  • Evidence-Based Solutions. Our entire treatment protocol is based on the latest research studies. Tim is an active member of the Fascia Research society, which is devoted to the latest clinical work regarding human fascia. His entire approach to treatment is always research-based.
  • We are a flat fee clinic. No codes, no nonsense. Cold Laser, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), Posture and exercise assessment profiles are all part of treatment.
  • 90% of our patients have already been through 6-12 weeks of private or medicare-based physical therapies, and still have dysfunctions. Many times we can help correct what was missed in a flawed system, and only in 5 visits. (Yes, we mean it.)
  • Free post-care advice via e-mail. Always.
  • Worried about insurance? In most cases we will treat you for your co-pay only. Pay what you would spend anyway for physical therapy co-pay! (Go ahead. See if anyone else will do this. They won't!)
  • Free Smart Laser for pets when a human is treated. Always.
  • We don't just treat pain and injuries. We improve your movements for a better quality of life.
  • We use two ML830 Smart Lasers and PEMF, and we are the only provider in Sarasota that offers this. 

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