"Thank you for ending my hip pain and changing my life!" Rosemary Wiley, Bradenton

"My agility dog is smiling from your Laser treatment on her hip. Thanks!" Sally Marko, Bradenton

"Back pain? No more thanks to Cold Laser and your precise yet simple exercises!" Phil Celniker, Longboat Key

"You have a gift. After seeing your DVDs I know you will be helping many people feel better and live better." Sharon Bulchholz, ND

"The Dynamic Flexibility DVD is great!" Its focus on actually learning the exercises and instead of simply following along is brilliant." Rob Salvatore, LA

"It is nice to see a movement program that almost anyone could use and enjoy with positive results. When my neck acts up I now know what to do- and that is what separates you from everyone else" -Claudette Barnett, Sarasota, FL

"After years of physical therapy and other modalities, Tim was the only one to finally isolate my problem. His intuitive solution was so simple that I cannot believe it!
-Fran Ross, NJ